Checking Alignment

With the worksurface in place it's time to check the final alignment to make sure, before we start cutting projects, that we will get the results we expect. Naturally, some of these checks are done during the assembly stages. It's a little late, now, to be checking to make sure the base frame is square.

I got two sets of machinists squares.

Check the height of the gantry CRS plate. Make sure it's the same on both ends.

Check the Z rails for tilt.

If you have to adjust, remember to block up the Z-axis when you loosen
the screws holding on the linear slides.

Also check the Z axis mounting plate for tilt.
Adjust the gantry rail if necessary.

I made a mount for my dial indicator to fit into my mill spindle.
Then I made one for my trim router (the thinner one).
It's based on a Spindle Head Tram Gage sold by Validus Group.

Dial indicator mounted in the spindle.
You can tell quickly if the spindle is not vertical.

I also mounted my dial indicator directly on the z-plate to measure
the flatness of the work surface.
If you do this, don't raise the z-plate too much!

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